Parking Issues In University Students

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Parking issues Introduction A research designed to find out students attitude and their opinions towards their universties parking facilities in order to find out their onions and perceptions regarding the parking faculties a series of survey's were taken and research was conducted the results of which are explained in the next few paragraphs all universities have parking spaces but most are not actually well maintained here in bahria there is only one parking space that’s inside the university premises the rest is outside many students are forced to park their vehicles outside and their cars or bikes are impounded by the traffic police and they are forced to pay a hefty fine not only does it interrupt traffic flow but also causes a lot of inconvenience this research and survey is conducted in order to find out what the current situation is through the students perspective.…show more content…
Drivers cannot find parking as easily as they would like. People get late for work which cause mental tensions. To know about issues we conducted a survey in our institute, asking students a variety of questions, ranging from how satisfied students are with transportation to what students think about solving this issues. Current state Current situation is getting worse as the traffic is increasing. People find it difficult to park their cars as every spot is filled. In university there is only one parking area where staff and students park their vehicle. This is causing disturbance in institute students have to park their vehicles outside university on main road which is the main cause of traffic jam on road. To avoid this traffic jam traffic police have to clear the road by lifting cars from the road by car lifters. And charge student fines for parking outside on main road. Respondent

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