The Causes And Consequences Of The Bloody Sunday

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The Bloody Sunday victims were declared innocent and the British government has to apologise 38 years after atrocity. This is the sad conclusion made on June 10th, 2010 when the Bloody Sunday report was published by the British Secretary of State for Northern Ireland. Three kinds of documents have been chosen for the presentation: a front page of a newspaper, a picture and a video. The first document is the front page of the newspaper The Daily Mirror published on January 31st 1972, the day after the tragic event of the Bloody Sunday. The second is a picture taken on April 10th 1998 during the Good Friday Agreement between the British and the Irish Prime Minister. The third and last document is the video of David Cameron’s apology speech broadcast on the BBC on June 15th 2010 (video taken from YouTube), after the result of a report denouncing the guilt of the British army during the Bloody Sunday event. From these documents emerge questions: why did David Cameron have to apologise decades after the Bloody Sunday? How did relations evolve between the Irish and the British since the 1970’s? To find answers, we will see first the context in which happened the Bloody Sunday and the repercussions. Then we will focus on The Good Friday Agreement, which shows the step forward in the relations and eventually we will…show more content…
Above it there is the headline “ULSTER’S BLOODY SUNDAY”, showing the violence of what happened. This newspaper was published the day after the tragedy of the Bloody Sunday, an incident happened on 30 January 1972 in Northern Ireland, in which 26 civil right protesters and bystanders were shot by soldiers of the British Army, making 13 dead (as can be seen on the document). The incident occurred during a Northern Ireland Civil Rights Association march led by Ivan Averill Cooper, a MP of the Northern Irish Parliament. This march which gathered around 10 thousand persons was

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