Objectives Of Physical Inactivity

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Aim Aim of report is to find different ways in which the people can look after their health. There are many alternatives in which people can maintain their health. The main purpose of this research is on understanding and evaluating the relationship between health and also age of the people. It has also aim in understanding the impact of numerous health measures which are taken in the life of the people. Further the research seeks to answer the research question that how we can induce the people for taking care about their research. Objectives. Research objective can be defined as the main reason for carrying any research. Once the research objective is identified, it will help the researcher for getting all the information which is needed.…show more content…
The research states that physical inactivity is responsible for 6% of deaths globally and around 3.2 million deaths per year, including 2.6 million in low- and middle-income countries, and 670,000 of these deaths are premature. Because of the many benefits for health of physical activity, recent analysis has suggested that reaching the recommended minimum level of physical activity compared with no activity was found to lead to a reduction in all-cause mortality of 19 per cent – and this rises to 24 per cent if an hour a day is spent in physical activity. In addition, there is a 31 percent lower risk for all-cause mortality in active individuals. Benefit of physical activity will directly lead to increase in amount and intensity of the…show more content…
Estimates made by the World Health Organization are that 154 million people globally suffer from depression, and mental illnesses affect and are affected by chronic conditions such as cancer, heart and other cardiovascular diseases, diabetes and HIV/AIDS.19 The evidence on the mental health benefits of physical activity is less well documented than for the physical effects – as the editors of the journal Mental Health and Physical Activity put it, in the journal’s inaugural editorial: ‘So many research questions come to mind in this field that have barely been considered. However, the body of evidence is growing fast, with many studies and clinical trials having shown specific benefits including: improved mood, reducing symptoms of stress, anger and depression, alleviating anxiety and slowing cognitive

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