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Why do people always have to be mean to each other? I believe that we should treat each other with respect and kindness, don’t you? What if you get hurt feelings from someone, just think how the person you do that to feels. When I was a little kid, I got made fun of and nobody treated me nice or even human, except one person and she is now one of those people that I know do that to people. I wish bullying and all other mean things didn’t happen. In 2nd grade one day, it was like all my friends, well, what I thought were my friends, it turned out that they only looked at me for what I do best, is being nice to people and helping people. They made fun of me, 2nd to 5th grade, and then they learned common sense. I feel like I got all my bad habits because of their bad actions. I thought we were never going to friends, and that they must be cooler than me, more popular, and all that crazy stuff. I never knew that kind of stuff could hurt someone. I also never knew that someone could judge another person, the way they judged me. Now some people could just say “so what.” Yes, well just think again what if that was you, you would not want to be bullied.…show more content…
Then the first day I got braces, it’s like I was going through 2nd grade again, because my teeth were really messed up and I knew this would take awhile till people stopped making fun of me. After a while only 1 person would hangout with me. But then, people started dating, which I thought really you’re in 5th grade, but whatever. After a while, I kind of got used to it after a while. We started getting each other's phone numbers, snapchats, and more. But then we connected in a way. We started hanging out and having fun together, I really liked them and wanted to hangout with them my whole

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