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Topic: The Perception of Beauty among Young Girls & Women in Today’s Society The research goal is to find out the perception of beauty among young girls and women between the ages of 13 and 29 in today’s society. The research will includes young girls and women insights of beauty, their definition and standard of beauty as well as to identify the factors that may influence their perceptions. Beauty is defined as a combination of qualities such as shape, colour or form that pleases the aesthetic senses especially the sight (Oxford Dictionaries, 2013). In today’s society, women and girls are always striving to become more beautiful and tend to use a variety of ways to achieve this. The concept of beauty is subjective to everyone as different…show more content…
Interview is a conversation between two people with the intention of gathering relevant information for the purpose of research (Das, 2009). Face-to-face interview is chosen in this research because it can explore the responses of young women’s perception on beauty in today’s society more in-depth. It enables participants to open up and talk about issues that they may not want to talk in a group environment (Gill, Stewart, Treasure and Chadwick, 2008). Furthermore, it also allows participants to explore their thoughts and articulate their ideas as well as express their belief and views. According to Kvale (1996), the main purpose of interview is to understand the meaning of what the interviewees say. Interviews are believed to provide a deeper understanding of social phenomena compared to quantitative methods such as questionnaires (Silverman, 2000). The main advantages of face-to-face interviews are it allows more detailed questions to be asked and most importantly interviewees are not influenced by others. For instance, the interviewees are not able to ask someone else or surf the internet during the interview session. In addition to that, any ambiguities on the questions being asked can be clarified on the spot by the interviewer. McNamara (1999) stated that interviews are useful for getting the story behind a participant’s experiences whereby the interviewer can…show more content…
Focus groups have been used for decades (Morgan, 1998) but researchers only utilised focus groups to gather qualitative data 20 years ago (Madriz, 2000). A focus group is an informal discussion among a group of selected individuals which are designed to focus on a particular topic (Wilkinson, 2004). The main reason focus groups are used in this research is because it is able to gain insights into young women’s perception of beauty in the 21st century and to understand how they feel or think about it as well as the influences from the media today. The advantages of focus groups are it is economical, less time consuming and efficient as it can obtain data from many participants within a short period (Kruger & Casey, 2000). It can also draws upon participants’ feelings, attitudes, belief and experiences. Focus group frequently used in qualitative research because it is a face-to-face discussion and able to generate better understanding. There is no right or wrong in the discussion as it is merely opinion based. Furthermore, focus groups can provide an in-depth insight on various and different views on the dynamics of interaction with a group context such as consensus and disagreement among participants (Litosseliti, 2003). Not only that, focus groups allows participants to express their views in relation to the opinions and experiences of others without feeling pressure to respond all the time. Focus group

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