The Importance Of Body Language

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In a world with 7.6 billion men and women, did you ever come to wonder what our body language or how we speak differently towards the other sex might mean? If you couldn’t already tell men are from Mars and women are from Venus, well that’s just a saying In another word this means men and women are polar opposites from each other.We speak differently towards each other and even our body language towards each other is different too! Why might that be? I research how and why men and women talk differently towards each other, even our body language. In my research, I found that this is a common question, since the early 90s, on how minds from men and women think differently. For example in the book “ Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus” written by John Gray. He illustrates at the beginning of the book of him…show more content…
For example, iPhones coming out with messaging and such. Made face to face communication different. We have a call , texts, and apps to communicate throughout the world. In a world where people are constantly putting information on the internet. But with people trying to be more anti-technology, people have used different types of methods to communication…show more content…
Woman aren’t distant with there conversation nor are they distant with body language. For example, the woman is looking for a more intimate conversation as they want to build a relationship with the listener. Woman are more social in conversation as they will not be shy but participate in training sessions. Woman love to share a common thing with the listeners, men do not like doing this as they like to solve problems and get the task done. Woman are always willing to help or to even give help to someone. A woman will express themselves as to what they like to do and help when men like to

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