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“Under your shoulders. Dear young people of the entire world, weigh the responsibility to transform tomorrow's world into a society where peace, harmony and fraternity reign.”- Bishop Carlos Belo. Some believe that your child not making it into the team will ruin their lives and make them depressed. Mark Hyman says, youth sports affects the youth’s mental being negatively. Marilyn Price-Mitchell (2012) disagrees with what was said, research has been done on how sport affect youths in a school and there have been general results but Price-Mitchell(2012) decided to dig further. There are three main aspects that have been affected and witnessed during the research. The intensity of the child, it has shown that kids who focus a lot of their times…show more content…
The article also states that depending on what sport is done it can have a positive or negative affect on a youths character. The article found that outside competitive sport will help creating compassion and appreciation for other young people. The last fact is delinquency and community safety. This article concludes that sport can be effective in reducing deviant levels this is due to; taking part in a sport you take the role of a leader and divert you from learning to be more deviant. The sport gets you to form bonds with the person in charge and you look up to them and will teach you the ways of not being devious. The Unknown Author then shows how sports help improve the social life of a teen; it teaches them to be more inclusive, to have compassion and empathy towards other people and prevents you from being a delinquent child. Both the first and second article agrees with each other and even supports each fact and goes with my aim of How Sports Affect the social life of a youth. True Sport (2014) pretty much disagrees with what the unknown author had said about how sport builds character, but John Wooden, basketball coach says “Sports do not build character. They reveal

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