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Everything I had tried to do in my life has helped me lead to very important goals for my future which foremost is to help other people who do not have anyone to help them. Whenever I tell anyone this was a crucial goal they would ask why, and I would say growing up, my parents had nothing and nobody to help them because my parents had to start a new life from scratch coming from poverty. Building a children’s clinic in a third world country, a place where suffering ends and smiles begin would be an impactful experience for me. When reflecting upon my career goals, I want to join the organization Doctors without Borders. I want to let the world know that it’s not as cruel as it seems that there will always be someone to help. Through volunteering…show more content…
The amount of work you put into is the amount of result you will get back. When any one of us would get sick, my parents used to struggle to pay for doctors’ bills or medication. My dream is to provide housing for all sick children in a third world country where the sick are not heard and offer a helping hand. The look on a parent's face knowing that their children will live to see another day, knowing that they will be happy, it offers a sense of security that nobody else can comprehend. This clinic will not only house children who are sick, but also with mental illness or other disabilities. Another important goal of mine is to do Doctors without Borders, and no matter how long it may take, I will achieve this goal. There aren’t words that can describe what a huge impact these doctors have on the whole world, but most importantly me. This organization puts the lives of many civilians before themselves, and it is never for fame or…show more content…
Hearing different people’s stories and learning about all the different types of background everyone came from giving me an insight into how vast the world of poverty extended. At least every month, I volunteered at the Houston Food Bank, it’s an organization that helps package food, medical needs, and other essential necessities. Most importantly, I attend an early college high school, and it has been the most critical resource in achieving my goals. This is due to the primary fact that when I graduate I will get my high school diploma and my associate’s degree. This associate’s degree will shaves of two years of my college, which could be best put to use in speeding towards my

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