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Argumentative Essay Are you informed of the distracted driving dangers on the road? It is important to note that surprisingly drinking and driving isn't the largest cause of car accidents and deaths! The list of distracted driving varies from changing the radio station, eating, and talking to passengers. In these past four years there has been a decrease of drinking and driving in this new generation. This new generation has brought new difficulties and problems on the road mainly being cell phone use. It is as much and a higher hazard than drinking and driving that the penalty be compelled to be the same without hesitation. Cell phones invented in 1973 have been evolving rapidly and are very much a human necessity and a very commendable resource for emergencies, on the other hand it is a huge new distraction. On the road and in the classroom, cell phones are a major distraction in today's society. As a consequence, it is…show more content…
Basically what everyone needs to know is that if you're willing to text while driving, you're signing yourself up to possibly break some bones as what happened to Aaron Brookens from Wisconsin. He was driving on the highway 75 miles away from his home when he suddenly decided to withdraw his phone and attempt to send his girlfriend a text, he realized later that it was not the most brilliant idea. Brookens turned out with two broken femurs, a broken kneecap and ankle, nerve damage to both legs, and a lacerated spleen, kidney and liver (Brody.) If he was competent to cause this much destruction to himself for a text, would it been vastly worse if it happened to another driver also and all the because on him? His fine would probably be the medical bills and the 400 dollar fine for texting on the other hand if he was intoxicated he would get a 500 dollar fine and jail time for the the exact same accident (Drunk Driving vs. Texting While

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