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Nearly everyone living today values their life and health. One typically takes the most extreme precautions to ensure that no damage occurs to their lives. Unfortunately, an area that one disregards is texting and driving. Distracted driving has grown to become a major issue nowadays. A vast amount of things have changed from when vehicles were first manufactured such as the technology within the vehicle, the body and the engine. Before technology, no one had to worry about texting and driving or people getting distracting listening to music on their headphones. Although vehicles have vastly improved drastically throughout the years, drivers continue to be clueless and careless while driving. This is usually due to the fact that one…show more content…
Music is a big deal today as well, it is one of the great ways to not be bored while driving. Listening to music on headphones will not necessarily impair your listening, but it'll make it difficult to hear incoming traffic. Music will impair your ability to hear car horns from other motorists, emergency vehicle sirens, alarms from crosswalks, and railroad crossing alarms. I personally have been in a car with a distracted driver. A couple days ago, my friend and I, almost hit a car in front of us due to my friend being distracted with his phone. It was a frightening experience and I have learned from…show more content…
It is illegal in some states and partially illegal in others, but as of now it is illegal in California. In an article called Ever Wonder If It’s Illegal to Wear Headphones When You’re Driving by Adam Pash and Alan Henry, it stated that listening to music on headphones is not only illegal in our state but it “can impair your ability to hear the sirens from emergency vehicles nearby and other important traffic sounds that would be audible if you were only listening to the radio.” Being distracted by listening to music with headphones on can cause some ones life due to a delay of an ambulance, and or a fire engine. If the flashing lights were enough to catch one's attention to move out of the way then it would have been like that with no sirens. So before deciding to listen to music on your headphones imagine that the person in the ambulance is a loved one, you won’t be happy if the ambulance is delayed due to someone not being able to hear the

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