The Influence Of The CIA (KGB)

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On June 13, 1985, a man named Aldrich Ames carrying a large object wrapped in plastic left CIA headquarters and headed straight to the Soviet embassy. Ames proceeded to give them the largest amount of sensitive documents and critical information that has ever been passed to the KGB in one meeting during the entire Cold War. This was one of the many victories the KGB won during the Cold War. The Cold War was a conflict over the spread of communism and the proliferation of nuclear weapons between the two superpowers who emerged from WWII, America and the Soviet Union. The two most important intelligence agencies in the Cold War were the CIA, which was an American intelligence agency formed in the wake of WWII, and its counterpart, the Soviet intelligence agency, the KGB. Since it was a battle of power instead of bullets, and information is power, the intelligence organizations of each country played a vital role. While the CIA had technological superiority, the KGB was more effective and competent because of superior espionage techniques, communication methods, and less accountability.…show more content…
The KGB was founded in 1954 by consolidating several Russian intelligence agencies into one (Rueckert). It came in the wake of political turmoil throughout the Soviet Union. The original purpose of the agency was to purge the country of political enemies and change the public’s view of the government. This gave them a background in covert activities and intelligence gathering when, in 1958, Nikita Khrushchev redirected the KGB’s efforts to destabilize the governments of the United States, Britain, and Japan. However, the KGB still operated in the Soviet Union. The KGB’s background and predecessors gave them a distinct advantage over the relatively new intelligence agencies of its

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