Distracted Driving Research Paper

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Imagine getting a phone call from the local hospital or a police officer saying that your son or daughter was in a car crash. You rush quickly to the hospital to find out that your child had passed away from the crash. As this nightmare becomes a reality and the pain sets in, questions start going through your head such as, “Were they driving quickly and lost control?”, “Were they texting and driving?”, “Was something distracting them?” Then you start to ask yourself, “Did they get their driving habits from watching my driving?” Car crashes happen every day in the United States, but did you know that they are the number one killer of teens? Drivers at the age of sixteen are twice as likely to be in a crash than that of an older teen. Programs…show more content…
When a driver gets distracted, they can experience slow reaction time, can miss road signs, and can enter other lanes of traffic. Some distractions include texting, talking on the phone, using a navigation system, and eating (Adeola,146). The distraction of teens as they drive can be influenced by the attitudes of their parents. Teens watch the actions of their parents while they are in the driver’s seat and they notice if their parents are being distracted. If they see that their parents can multi-task while driving, then they think that they can too. Long before the teenage years, the influence parent’s have on their child’s driving behavior begins. When the child becomes a teen, they have a significant amount of exposure to the normal driving behavior of their parents. There have been some studies conducted to look for similarity between parents’ driving behaviors and their offspring and there is a significant resemblance between the two behavior’s (Raymond 23). The next time you are driving while your teenager or younger child is with you, ask yourself if you are setting a good example for them. They are watching everything you

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