Distracted Driving Research Paper

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Distracted driving is the act of partaking in any activity while operating a motor vehicle that takes attention away from the road. Unfortunately, distracted driving has become a widespread issue in the United States. Annually more than 3,300 people are killed and an additional 400,000 are injured in the United States in distracted driving crashes (Chase). The most efficient path to go about to address the issue of distracted driving is uncertain, as well as how to pinpoint who should be responsible for this issue. Many believe the key to solving the problem is as simple as spreading awareness, while others believe the answer should be federal law, and still others believe the final decision should be left to the states. There have been innumerable suggestions through local governments and even to the federal government to find the best course of action to stop distracted driving, but very few have been aimed to target the source of the problem. That being said, a question arises: what, exactly, is the source of the problem? While it is highly unlikely that distracted driving will end, I propose that the federal government should strictly enforce policies pertaining to the…show more content…
Visual distraction occurs when a driver is focused on anything other than the road. Examples of visual distraction range from looking towards the back seat while driving as well as looking at electronic devices such as a GPS or portable entertainment systems. Manual distraction occurs when one or both hands are removed from the wheel. Common examples include eating and drinking, adjusting the radio or GPS, or trying to find something in a purse or bag. Many forms of distracted driving overlap into two or all three of the aforementioned categories. An example of a type of particularly dangerous distracted driving which involves all three is one that everyone is familiar with:

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