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Peter the Great Peter the Great was very smart and hardworking in everything he did (Resnick 57-58). His reign as tsar and emperor lasted for forty-three years. Russia became a great empire during his reign. This is the reason for his name Peter the Great (57). Even though Peter was a harsh person, he was a good ruler who loved his country. Peter had a pretty rough childhood, which is probably why he became such a good and harsh ruler. He was surprisingly tall and muscular, some people say he was 6 foot 6, others say he was 6 foot 8 when fully grown (Resnick 57; Parrish). Peter was handsome, but he had a twitch in his left eye and squirming movements in his arms and legs. Psychologists thought that these things were most likely caused because…show more content…
When Peter was commanding his soldiers in Poltava, he told them to remember that they were not fighting for him but for Russia (¨Czar of Russia¨). Peter was a very busy ruler who discovered a new city and named it St. Petersburg, initiated the navy, produced radical reforms in schooling and government, and he was the first ruler to go overseas (Murrel 20). When Peter founded St. Petersburg, he did it because he thought that Russia should have a way to the sea and a ¨window to the west.¨ St. petersburg is full of palaces and towers that represent the European culture that many of the architects who built it shared (28). In 1697 when Peter was 25 he created a ¨Grand Embassy.¨ He did this to try and finish his plans of conquering Turkey. This all ended once Peter found out that there had been another Streltzi rebellion. By the time Peter made it back home, the rebellion was already over. He still got revenge on the Streltzi for this rebellion and for the terrible memories he had of them killing his family when he was a child. ¨He captured and tortured 1,700 of them, watching as they were roasted slowly in specially-built furnaces, then decapitated them and hung the bodies from gibbets at all the gates of Moscow.¨ This kept on going from summertime in 1698 through February 1699, when in a final action Peter hung 195 bodies at the front of the monastery where his sister Sophia was being kept. Peter continued to try and build Russia into a big sea power. After Europe decided they did not want to help him fight the Turks he started to go after the Baltic instead of the Black Sea. Russia became allies with Saxony and Norway-Denmark to fight the Swedish. The Great Northern War started in 1700 and continued for 21 years. The Treaty of Nystad provided the eastern shores of the Baltic Sea to Russia in 1721. To congratulate them, the Russian Senate presented him with the title

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