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Jamileth Soto Cause and Effect Mrs. Akers November 12, 2015 Distractions While Driving There are about 200 million drivers in the United States, and 27 percent of those drivers are under 20 years of age or are barely beginning to drive (Facts and Statistics par. 3). Distractions are one of the top reasons why a car accident happens and many drivers don’t take into consideration how dangerous they really are. Being distracted while driving has resulted in many fatal and serious injuries The main causes for the distractions are visual, manual and cognitive. Over the years, the amount of accidents caused by distracted drivers has increased, which have put many drivers and innocent pedestrians in life-threatening situations. Today, a majority…show more content…
This is taking your eyes off the road and not looking at what's ahead. Moving objects and events that are taking place outside are one of the top deadliest distractions. This is because it takes just five seconds of not paying attention for an accident to occur. Technology (cell phones, GPS etc.) has increased the risk of causing an accident. When responding to a text or email it takes more than five seconds and within those five seconds an accident can occur since that is all the time that is needed. Twenty-five percent of the driving population admitted to using their phone while driving and eighteen percent admitted to texting while driving (Distracted Driving par. 5). There are about 200 million drivers in the United States therefore about 50 million drivers use their phone while driving and can cause an accident in a matter of…show more content…
Cognitive distractions are the third common cause for accidents. Some drivers use driving as a way to process their emotions and thoughts and they tend to get lost in their thinking. Imagine how many times a driver has driven from one destination to another and they can’t remember how they got to that destination. That is because they were too focused on their thoughts and not on the road. This is also one of the top deadliest distractions. A driver who is focused should be able to remember at least three signs or objects that were passed when driving from point a to point b. Dealing with passengers is also part of cognitive distractions. Many times the driver is too focused and frustrated on dealing with the kids in the backseat who won’t stop bickering to focus on what’s happening in front of them on the road (Berg par. 4). For teens, driving with passengers can be a huge distraction for them especially since most of them are new

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