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Discussion board is one of my favorite sessions in the first teaching period, because I can see many other students’ opinion following the topic for every week studying. In addition, I can submit my opinion on it and people so we discuss on everyone’s contribution. For example, people were discussing what the criteria are that users can use to identify reliable online information and how to use those criteria. I think it was very helpful because I can gain more information, experience, and tips from many users. Furthermore, the learning material called “Making sense of credibility on the Web: Models for evaluating online information and recommendations for future research” written by Metzger build the foundation according details five individual criteria which are Accuracy, Authority, Objectively, Currency and Coverage. Before the information age, I need to go to library look up every literature has relevant information I needed. It could be very slow and frustrating, but the information I found was reliable and credibly.…show more content…
With the growing number of various information because the relevant regulation lack and there is not enough supervisory causes chaos even hoax. Therefore, Metzger’s five criteria have become the right remedy for the problem. It can not only being used by users to identify information but also for website to filtering some information. It is especially important to consider web sources carefully before I using them in academic assignments. There are many websites that I could find relevant information of my assignments. However, it is not always easy to determine whether the information they contain is trustworthy. Therefore, it is best for me not to trust information I find on Web until I can determine who wrote

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