Active Learning Reflection

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While reviewing and analyzing the reflections in my teaching journal, I have noticed the positive effect of using active learning strategies. The students became more involved and interested in the lessons. They showed more enthusiasm to take part in classroom discussions, they demonstrated more effort put in classroom assignments and were more inclined to share their work in front of their peers. All of these positive changes can be linked to increased intrinsic motivation. Although many teacher are apprehensive about experimenting with activities and teaching tools students perceive as pleasurable, out of fear that they will lose control over the classroom, I have witnessed that it is possible to use activities that are enjoyable while maintaining a conductive learning atmosphere in the classroom. Students demonstrated a clear reaction of enthusiasm, when presented with the opportunity to engage in activities they view as enjoying. This enthusiasm promoted them to make more effort while working on a task or participating in…show more content…
The most common cooperative learning activity I used during the research is Jigsaw group work. This structured group work is an appropriate strategy to early stages of group work implementation. Most students are not accustomed to working in cooperation and see group work as an opportunity to chat with friends while letting other students do the assignment requirements. The Jigsaw strategy helped me make sure each and every students had a responsibility in their group, and monitor the performance of individual students within the group. When I observed that students were not working on their assigned task during group work I had to approach them and remind them of their duties. In the first one or two trials of group work I had to give very clear instructions before dividing the students to groups and constantly move around between groups making sure students are staying on

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