Iago In Othello

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Explore the character Iago – who is he? Iago is one of the main characters in Othello. He is the antagonist tyrant and is the cause of all disarray throughout the story. He has a complex personality and Shakespeare has hinted at a lot of underlying traits that we don’t fully see. For example Iago’s fear of women connotes to the audience that he may be homosexual, but there is no solid evidence of this. First and foremost Iago is a manipulative and conniving character. He closely observes every interaction between other people and uses this to his advantage by working out their strengths and weaknesses. ‘’And little of this great world can I speak more than pertains to feats of broil and battle’’ Iago hears this speech by Othello to the duke. From this he knows how Othello has no real knowledge or experience…show more content…
He always believes he would be best for every job, then he gets angry and offended when he doesn’t get it. The simile ‘’as great a fly as Cassio’’ shows how bitter and jealous Iago is towards the Florentine Cassio as he got the job Iago coveted. Neville Coghill (unknown) states ‘’Psychologically Iago is a slighted man, powerfully possessed by hatred against a master who (as he thinks) has kept him down, and by envy for a man he despises who has been promoted over him.’’ This statement is further emphasised by Iago stating ‘’I fear the trust Othello puts in him’’ This shows how Iago is holding a grudge and refusing to trust Othello’s judgement. Act 1 culminates in Iago’s cynical and controlling soliloquy. Shakespeare has written this in iambic pentameter, as he does with a lot of Iago’s speech, to show how Iago is an educated and formal man. He does this because the level of hatred and jealousy Iago shows would usually be associated by audiences with a less intelligent man. Shakespeare is re-iterating how clever Iago is. This makes his calculated manipulation of the story all the more awful and
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