Electronic Health Record Case Study

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Electronic Health Record McGonigle & Mastrian (2012) defines electronic health record as a computer based warehouse of information regarding the health status of a patient which replaces the original paper medical record (pg. 562). Roger’s Diffusion of Innovations Roger’s has produced a list of steps that must be in place before innovation can be adopted within a facility. These steps can be used in the process of converting to electronic health record (EHR). “Relative advantage is the degree to which an innovation is perceived as better than the idea it supersedes” (Rogers, 2003, pg. 212). “Compatibility is the degree to which an innovation is perceived as consistent with the existing values, past experiences, and needs of potential…show more content…
That the program is going to fit the needs of the facility and be flexible enough for potential growth in the future. We will be able to update the EHR as we change our needs and make adjustments as we find things that aren’t working for us quit as well as they should (Rogers, 2003). “According to Kenney and Androwich an additional way for staff to accept the HER is to ensure that they have had adequate training prior to the implementation as well as ensure continued support and education after the implementation” (McGonigle, & Mastrian, 2012, pg. 296). Appointing a unit super user or a person that is proficiently trained within the unit on EHR is a way that the staff can further adjust to EHR; knowing that they will have someone to offer them support, someone they can go to that is on their unit and very convenient to talk to will be a great way to smooth the…show more content…
Setting up the employees with computer training so they can gain firsthand knowledge about what to expect and be able to simulate how their charting is going to be by training on the computer before ever going live on EHR is a way to make employees comfortable with the upcoming conversion. According to Mooney & Boyle (2011) simulators to one-page tip sheets to multimedia presentations, these tools allow everyone in the organization to understand the overall workflows and objectives, preview the processes relevant to their work before official training, and refresh their memories or answer common questions as they begin to use the new system (pg.

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