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A description of the facts Mathew Fraser a 17 year old senior gave an inappropriate sexual speech during an assembly where his classmates and school staff attended. His speech was related to his classmate’s vice- presidential election for student government. He was suspended from school for three days because he broke the school disciplinary code for inappropriate sexual comments as well as gestures. The student father was angry and said the school was breaking the First Amendment for the freedom of speech. A statement of the issue or problem posed by the case Matthew Fraser made a speech which had sexual metaphors and was inappropriate. A reference to the arguments or various positions that can be taken on the issue This case considers whether…show more content…
Who were the parties? Mathew Fraser and his parents vs. Bethel school board and supreme court. What facts were important? Mathew speech contained sexual references and implications, but he was not intending to be offensive. The Washington Supreme Court agreed with Mathew’s parents that his free speech rights had been violated. The school board then went to the U.S supreme court and appealed. Why did the people involved act the way they did? The school board decided that Mathew broke the disciplinary rule which does not allow the use of innaproprate sexual language in the school setting. Mathew’s parents decided to appeal the school board accusation because the school board violated the First Amendment for the freedom of speech. Mathew parents took the case to the United States District Court for the Western District of Washington. What was the historical context of the case? In April, 26, 1983 at Bethel School was when Mathew presented his speech. The supreme court final decision was July,7,…show more content…
What was the argument in favor? The US Supreme Court voted 7-2, saying that the school district's policy did not violate the First Amendment. What was the argument against? The argument was against Matthew Fraser. Which argument was the most persuasive, why? The argument that was more persuasive was the school board because they had more evidence to support their argument. The school board had a disciplinary rule that includes not making any inappropriate sexual comments. Which argument was the least persuasive, why? Mathew argument was least persuasive because his evidence does not support his argument. The supreme court of the United States has recognized that some speeches are restricted in specific settings. Mathew’s speech was inappropriate in a school setting. Which restricted Mathew from giving his speech because it was an educational setting. What might be the consequences(s) of each course of action to society? This case can be taken by society in two ways either inappropriate and offensive or humorous. Were there any alternatives? No there were not any

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