Reflective Assessments Analysis

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The most important aspect I received out of the article was the fact that formative assessments are practically preparation for summative assessments. We have done many assessments in College Success that would underline as well as structurally support that statement. We have completed assessments such as portfolio checks, planner checks, comprehension questions, discussion boards, etc. The crucial factor out of all of these assessments is that most of them repeat themselves and for good reason too. It gives us an opportunity as students to reflect on any mistakes we have made in the past on said assessments, which in turn allows us to reevaluate ourselves as well as underline and set up a firm foundation as we traverse the road to success.…show more content…
I do agree that the portfolio check is a summative assessment, but I have rationalized that it is also a formative assessment and that it shadows the true worker inside of us. Your portfolio, being a crucial component to your overall success, has to be taken apart, put back together, twisted, turned, and thoroughly examined each day so that the outcome of this tedious process reflects the shadow of how diligently you work on the subject. It is a formative assessment mainly because you constantly work on it each day during the learning process as well as receive feedback on it from your instructor if you have questions on its organizational structure throughout the duration of the semesters. This assessment is a primer for many others and acts as a central link in an intricate web of assessments. Progressing forward, one assessment categorized as formative would be regular class discussions since these happen during the learning process as well as create room for development throughout their duration. These discussions provide multiple ideas from many of the students that leave them sprawled out on the…show more content…
This process allows students to evaluate themselves in such a way that it helps them see a piece of literature for its transparency while comparing it to other concepts to receive a deeper understanding. Discussion boards are much like class discussions, but short-lived and electronic. Also a formative assessment, discussion boards offer rich content and compare different ideas between students freely. This assessment, stated as a question and answer session within the article, has significant details hidden under the title. Student have a benefit for it being online since they can print out what was typed from the student who posed the question or answer, as well as cite them, and use that to help them gain better knowledge on whatever they may be reading at the time. This valuable resource can be the key to how you achieve success, or it can be something that comes back to haunt you in the end if you never participated in one that was made available. For College Success, reflection essays can also be a summative and formative assessment since they are evaluations on how well you retain the knowledge on the given

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