The Volunteer Innovation Program (USAA)

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The USAA organization is a private that was founded by twenty five Army officers in 1922 and services over 10.6 million veterans and military families today by providing insurance and auto loans. Since the beginning it is USAA beliefs that all individuals that become part of the USAA family be “immersed in a culture that profoundly embraces the service and sacrifices made by those whom the organization serves – the men and women of the U.S. military and their families. Having the opportunity to serve the financial needs of those who serve the country is an honor for all of us” ( The core values that USAA uphold to its members are service, loyalty, honesty and integrity. Through determination and dedication USAA helps military personnel manage their finances throughout their career and beyond.…show more content…
USAA continuously develops its employees through use of career assessment tools, training programs in leadership management and interpersonal skills. The company instituted a program, The Volunteer Innovation Program, which allows employees to work together to expand their skill sets by volunteering to work on ideas or research projects about which they are passionate about (Reviews. This program alone motivates and encourages employees to seek opportunities as a team to improve their self-worth and the organization. In addition to the benefits mentioned above, employees of USAA are rewarded based on the company’s performance, this is to say that if the company’s performance has met or exceeded the goals set then employees receive a year-end bonus that could range anywhere from 10% to 20%. With this in mind, employees are motivated to ensure the success of the organization is at its all-time

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