Disadvantages Of Aid

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Money, food and technical aid are given by one nation to another in order to exterminate hunger or stabilize these unfortunate countries. The history of foreign aid shows that it was founded in the 19th century and contributed to the world as a loan from one country to another (Routledge, 2000, p.60). It began in order to develop poor countries by establishing institutions and increasing their economy. Importantly, aid to other nations takes place in the whole world, but it is focused on countries that suffer from starvation such as Niger, South Africa, Malawi and Central African Republic. Moreover, Africa is considered the highest continent with a poverty percentage, and most of the poor countries in the world are located in Africa. Although…show more content…
However, African countries do not need aid from foreign countries in order to dispose of their poverty issue. These poor countries can depend on their resources in order to develop their economy independently. Also, it fuels corruption in these countries by making certain personalities keep the aid to themselves whether its money or other materials. First of all, African countries do not need aid from others in order to get rid of the poverty issue that they are facing. These countries need to develop themselves in order to make poverty vanish or decrease. Also, they have to focus on factors that can change the way of how they are living their lives. Education is considered a crucial point that can bring Africa back into the scheme (Dario, 2015, p.1). Consequently, African countries can build up their economy by focusing on a…show more content…
These African countries have been used to depend other countries in order to eat or get clothed. Also, these African countries chain themselves into poverty by depending on other countries which do not feel the same way as these poor countries do. “We propose that natural resource dependence may be viewed as an exogenous factor that impedes economic growth and investment as well as institutions” (Gylfason, Zoega. 2006. P.1). Resources are considered a main factor that increases the economy of a country. For example, Saudi Arabia, which is one of the richest countries in the world, increased their economy drastically at the moment when they started producing oil and selling it to other countries such as The United States of America. Furthermore, Although African countries such as Tanzania are rich with resources, they cannot access it because of the corruption in this country. “Political dysfunction exacerbates the problem, as conflict over access to resource rents gives rise to corrupt and undemocratic governments” (Stiglitz, 2012, p.1). However, there are several ways that can solve the issue of corruption in these poor countries. For example, putting a monthly or daily checked investment to ensure that revenue is used for benefiting the country itself not individuals. Also, prohibiting borrowing and clarity

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