Explain Why The Us's Involvement In The Vietnam War

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Topic: US, its cooperation with South Vietnam and its involvement in the Vietnam War Background When Vietnam was fighting for its independence from French rule, United States at first was neutral. The United States did not oppose to French but at the same time it did not assist French forces as well. But this position changed when People’s Republic of China planned to spread communism in the whole South East Asia, because of this threat on communism in Asia and the need of support from France so that they can contain the Soviet Union in Europe. There is a change in Policy and thus; United States began supporting France in its war in Vietnam. On June 27 1950, President Trauman announced that they will aid France with weapons and military personnel. The US, thinking that Vietnam is just a weakling country, decided to disregard Vietnam’s plea on independence along with that US also made Vietnam a part of the Cold War. When France was about to lose the French War, United States decided to support the regime of…show more content…
Furthermore; the possible Asian countries that might not help them in this case might only be Japan or Philippines, but since Vietnamese people loath the Japanese people because of Japanese invasion on World War 2 and also the fact that since Philippines is a country that has a close ties with US, if ever they will enlist a help from them, the US will still meddle on

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