The Importance Of Wind Energy In Brunei

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Energy is a form of life in the living. Thus, people have the tendency to lose its ability to do things as energy depletes. As a result, the needs of energy are often crucial, energy crisis may occur due to the scarcity of resources and the growth in energy demand. Since Brunei Darussalam is well-provided with conventional energy resources such as oil and gas, the probability of energy crisis occur in Brunei is lessened, but, it does not indicate that it would not happen in Brunei. As Brunei is enriched with oil and gas, naturally, it exports most of its sources to other countries which accounts for its high GDP per capita. Therefore, Brunei has the ability to implement cheap electricity prices for its residents which further creates a boost for high consumption rate of energy. In addition, Brunei is still accommodating the traditional ways of providing electricity that is through the combustion of fossil…show more content…
Furthermore, Koo (2011) mentioned that there might be no sun when it is raining, thus solar energy could not function as usual, however, when it is raining, there is wind. Wind energy is the most basic form of energy and it is abundant, therefore, this makes it an outstanding choice of alternative power. It is the most sustainable form of energy because it is inexhaustible. Moreover, wind is created when it moves from a region of high pressure to low pressure due to hot air rises as it expands to substitute the descending of cool air as it is less dense. Thus, the circulation of air causes rotation of the blades that are mounted on the tower which creates an electric current through the electric generator. In general, electricity is generated from the wind generator when kinetic energy is converted into mechanical energy from which wind is collected through the

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