How Did The Allies Lose Ww2

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For many countries the end of the Second World War meant defeat at the hand of Allied forces, but the Nazi victory created other challenges and dilemmas. The Allies were forced to make many difficult strategic decisions that would affect people all over the world, but the Americans planned and hoped for a speedy end to the war in order to save lives and return American men home. Allied forces had already suffered many casualties from previous wartime battles, so they devised a plan to first send in aerial bombers to begin the initial attack upon Germany. Allied forces did not want to run the risk of jeopardizing the lives of additional ground troops because they were aware of the ruthless and relentless fighting methods of the Nazi military. Allied forces were well aware of the extent of Nazi wartime atrocities like the massacre of Polish people during the Warsaw uprising, so they choose a method that seemed to offer a more successful and quick victory. Such decisions were not taken lightly by Allied forces, so they realized they had to cease Nazi rule one way or another.…show more content…
Aerial bombers were chosen as the best form of offensive attack, but the bombing was relentless and destroyed vast areas. Germans made efforts to seek safe shelters, ration food, and found ways to preserve basic life. This constant bombing made the German people victims of the war they had started. All of these grueling situations began to break the morale of the German people. They were well aware that the Allied forces were going to claim victory and they hoped it would just occur as quickly as possible in order to spare them any additional

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