Advantages And Disadvantages Of Alfa Financials

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future. From the top management down to the sales executives, Alfa Financials’ functional structure caters to both of organization’s objectives and purpose. The products offered by Alfa are majority financial investments which put a limit to their target market. Having a national presence, however, benefits the investors and employees of Alfa for office meetings and trading activities, company meetings as well as brand and organization awareness that makes it easy for the company to attract new clients. Thus, sales and marketing department do not have to spend more money on advertising and marketing strategies as it’s known within the country in addition to having licensed by the Central bank of the UAE. Advantages and disadvantages of interrelationships…show more content…
Disagreement and misunderstandings. Working with other departments could often make work easy but often times it is hard as it leads to misunderstanding and disagreement especially when miscommunication, credibility and wrong attitude of the employee is the issue. Conflict is a common organizational struggle causing a delay in the process putting a big impact on the organization’s objective. 2. Lost in focus of the employees Human nature has it that when introduced, our curiosity to learn about new things is unstoppable. Not only that, since we are interrelating with other departments we tend to adopt their nature, we become so into it and forget that we are just interrelating with them, we have our own department to focus on and that we get knowledge overdose thus, compromises the quality of the service and products. 3. It can lead to occasional confusions Different departments have their different duties and specialties but interrelating with them sometimes can lead to confusions that affect the decision making the ability of the other

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