Cross Border Kidnapping In Malaysia

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Crime has become a major topic in Malaysia. Formerly one of the safest nations in South East Asia, Malaysia has become one of the most dangerous states in the area. According to the government, there is actually doubled actually doubled from the year 2000 to 2009 of violent crime before declining. In the years 2013, the crime rates rise after the repeal of tough security laws which made it easier for police to confine people. Besides that, that are also the threat of kidnappings for ransom and violence from both terrorist and criminal groups, it is also the important safety considerations before a tourist want to journey to this plaza. Kidnapping is holding anybody hostage, typically to obtain ransom. Sometimes kidnappers hold them hostage longer in order to demand more from the relatives of the victim.…show more content…
The attack could be discriminated because there are some peoples' deaths in these cases. This criminal organization kidnapping happened in Sabah too many times, they have not just kidnapped Malaysians only, and they also kidnap foreign tourists. The places that the terrorists attacked are coastal areas and also frequented travel by the foreign travellers. The reason why the cross border kidnapping happened in Sabah due to the geography. This is because the state is nearby to Jolo Island, which is the east coast of Sabah and islands there are close to the Sulu Archipelago in the Southern Philippines and the main source of the income Abu Sayyaf group is by worst terror attacks for ransom. They rely on ransom money from their kidnappings as their operation’s

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