Disadvantages Of Advertising

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Every day, every year, advertising of product becomes more important along with the number of competitor products and technology. Each year’s companies spend more on advertising. Advertising a product can provide many advantages but it is also costly and it can be disadvantage. So, advertising is very important but must be concerned about; is it effective, costly and its effects on potential costumers. How advertising can be effective? There are lots of way to advertise a product; commercials on television or radio, giving sample for free, being sponsor of sport clubs, distributing leaflets, using billboards etc. Main purpose of advertising is increasing profit, by having more costumer, loyal costumer or defeating competitor. Advertising…show more content…
meat consumption over the past two decades has been a steady increase in per capita poultry consumption, largely at the expense of beef consumption. Our findings suggest that the major factor governing this pattern is structural change. Specifically, health information or trend was found to be significant in each of the four equations estimated in the Rotterdam system. Moreover, the health-information elasticity in general are larger in absolute value than price elasticity, which suggests that small percentage changes in health information have larger impacts on meat consumption than equivalently small percentage changes in relative prices. The estimated effects of generic advertising, in contrast, were found to be modest and fragile. (Jackson 1996), That is, marketing researchers have been mainly concerned with consumer’s beliefs about of a brand. Fishbein’s now-familiar attitude model specifies the relationship between the set of salient beliefs about concept (often termed cognitive structure) and overall evaluation of, or attitude toward, the…show more content…
(Taube 2014) Another example is according to statista.com the timeline presents advertising spending in the United States from 2011 to 2013 and a forecast until 2018. eMarketer projected that the U.S. advertisement expenditure in 2014 would amount to 180.12 billion U.S. dollars. That shows how advertisements become important part of business. So Why there is big investment on advertisement? As a conclusion advertisement of a product almost important as its quality and price even sometimes is more important. Because it is the way that how can you show your products’ quality and other features to your consumers. In some cases there are better products than competitors but they have less profit because they didn’t advertised enough. At the same time we shouldn’t go so farter until benefit turns to loss. We must concern about advertisement’s cost, its effectiveness and its target. Then you can have the advantage of advertising to make more

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