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The advertising industry in Nigeria is a very diverse and untapped industry. The industry is highly dependent on the marketing budget of brands and sub-brands. Technology has increased the medium through which advertising can be channeled and this development has had both positive and negative impact on the industry as a whole. Noah’s Ark Communications Ltd is a reputable advertising agency and a member of AAAN (Association of Advertising Agencies of Nigeria). It is categorized as a small- medium sized agency with a staff strength of 50. The organization’s critical success factor has been its incremental growth since inception. Its mission is to be in the league of one of the most recognized advertising agencies out of Africa. This mission has opened doors to several recognitions and collaborations with the international community. Upon analysis of my organization’s growth stage, it is likely to face the following issues within the next five years: Economic Factors: The state of the economy has a direct impact on the advertising sector. This is commonplace especially in developing countries where the government is a major driver on how the economy is run. The ability for companies to effectively plan is hindered by poor statistics and irregular policies. It is common knowledge that the…show more content…
These factors have directly affected the cost of running businesses in Nigeria. The companies have cut their advertising budgets and are looking for cheaper ways to advertise. There have been a massive job cuts across all sectors of the economy with an increased rate of unemployment among job seekers. This uncertainty and lack of adequate planning can affect the

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