The Importance Of Art In Education

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Centuries have passed, the arts have made a huge impact and played a vital role in the lives of people and in the society as a whole. Every day, the arts are being developed, yet, the society is enclosed with the usual idea of arts and forgot the authenticity of the arts. People tend to focus more on the output, which fail them to grasp the meaning behind in each and every artwork. People have just been fascinated with the look and sometimes just consider it as a decoration or simply just a creation by someone who is either known or unfamiliar. But what really is art? According to the Merriam-Webster, it is: “… The conscious use of skill and creative imagination especially in the production of aesthetic objects.” And this is the definition that the scholars have imprinted on the minds of those who seek for a quick answer when asked what art is. The same thing on the Google-side of view, it is stated when surfed…show more content…
So in that matter, there would be an equal treatment to the technocratic (scientific) approach and the creative mindset of a student; whereas the balancing of critical and creative thinking of a person as a 21st century learner is vivid and actively shown in the performances. In relation to this, exposure to art can make a person socially aware or can be aware of what is happening in his surroundings, for better comprehension and realization in the complex problems of the world, so that a person can think of a way to solve a problem (critical thinking) in a manner that he/she will be responsible in every term of his/her action/s, as in the most creative and safest way as possible, that can be passed on for generations (Lazutina, T.V. et

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