Library Tour Advantages And Disadvantages

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a. Special Library Tours This event is purposely for all the users to explore and tour the library closely by the helps of librarians and the staffs. The National Book Council and the Ghaqda tal-Malti Universita (Maltese Association of The University of Malta) is the organizer. The tours includes the quick tours of the library guided by a staff to visit Departments of Archives and Rare Books. This is the best section where the people might be excited to explore more about the information that they are rarely heard. The various items from any departments like circulation, aqcuisition, reference are being viewed to the users. b. Advantages : • Users feeling more appreciated • The patrons easily get to gain information from staffs in speed of…show more content…
This to ask, inform, persuade the communities in the University of Malta to join and be the members of library to get special treats and features from library itself. Malta University promotes their library by doing posters for every events and distributed hardcopy and also through the internet. Brochures also provided. b. Advantages : • The users able to see the surrounding of the library with the assist of staff or librarians instructions • Get to know about the library’s existence • The users aware the event and program of the library • The community will give the good perception of the library • Shows the commitment of the librarians and staffs how to promote the library to the community c. Disadvantages : • People from outside of the world do not know the existence of the library because no collaboration advertisement with other country • Have to update the poster and banner when any events are held • Need to communicate with users to explain about the library’s program or event Picture 7 The advertisement of library to ask users to come to the library Picture 8 Front brochure Picture 9 Back…show more content…
It does not involve any users’ cost. It refers to the actions taken with the goal of creating or maintaining a favourable public image. Public relations can be special events, news releases or press conference. In this library, it is more to special events where there are too many events that have been organized. a. Library – Web of Science Training Workshop This workshop is open for all students in the library that are interested in online scientific citation indexing service maintained that is by Thomson Reuters who provides the most comprehensive citation. This such one of special events where the media is joined also to inform about the event because it involved the reknowned specialist in Thomson Reuters, Mr Amine Triki. b. Advantages : • Reduce cost where it does not required much paper used to disseminate information • Real time results, where the information and all the updates about the library can be shared directly without have to wait a week or a month to make an announcement • Viral news when the people can share the information rapidly c. Disadvantages

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