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One of the most common types of water contamination occurs through the human and animal feces. In developed countries such as the United States has the proper means for the safe disposal of these types of pathogens, but in some developing countries like Bangladesh, India there is no proper way for the safe disposal of the feces. As a result, those feces enter into the water sources and spread through the population and cause several waterborne diseases such as Cholera, Diarrhea, Typhoid etc (National Resources Defense Council: Bringing Safe Water to the World, 2008). Some populations are more susceptible to the diseases caused by pathogens than other population. For an example, children and infants are more vulnerable to several pathogen-related…show more content…
Another easiest way that pollutes water is several types of toxic chemicals and heavy metals that are produced by various types of natural and human activities such as disposal of industrial effluents into the water bodies, enormous use of fertilizers and pesticides (Amman et al. 2002)In many developing countries rapid urbanization and industrialization has always been considered as the main source of water contamination because it plays a major role in the alleviation of poverty and also for the economical growth. Moreover, the rapid urbanization and industrialization have been always influenced by the higher growth of population in underdeveloped countries. Even though the implementation of modern technologies in the growth of industries is occurring but, unfortunately, environmental consideration is not properly integrated with the design of industrial processes mainly in the developing countries. As a result, though industries are providing basic necessities but, in the long run, it is making the survival more difficult (Jolly et

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