The Pros And Cons Of Advertising

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Chapter 11 of the textbook says the following: “The important policy question is more limited - and more difficult to answer: Would a world with less advertising be more competitive than a world with more?” What are your thoughts about this? Advertising plays an important role in the way business is conducted around the world. There is evidence to prove that advertising sheds light on existing, emerging and new businesses, it generates buzz about businesses, it creates more visibility to businesses, it allows customers to know more about products, and it helps them make a better decision on what to buy and what not to buy. Regardless of how we view advertising as a positive or a negative issue, one of the most interesting questions to answer…show more content…
It has been observed that advertising increases around these periods to the point of becoming unbearable. I have come to notice that commercials during some episodes tend to take more than 5 minutes of repeated ads. In this case, the audience can endure those ads, switch the channel, or invest its time during this ads with doing something else. In my opinion, more ads add more clutter and the result can be negative to both firms and consumers. It was observed that when users feel inundated by ads they start to ignore them. In this case, advertising can play a negative role in…show more content…
More studies could probably yield clearer answers. Below are the sources perused for this post but not directly used in the text: Brookings, M. (2015). Advantages & Disadvantages of Advertising for Small Businesses. Hearst Newspapers. Retrieved from: Ingram, D. (2015). The Advantages & Disadvantages of Advertising on the Internet. Hearst Newspapers. Retrieved from Kurtus, R. (2007, June 20). Using Advertising for a Competitive Advantage in Business. School for Champions. Retrieved from: Pujari, S. (2015). 5 Important Disadvantages of Advertising. from: Rittenberg L. and Tregarthen T. (2012, March). Principles of Microeonomics. Flatworld Knowledge. Retrieved from:

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