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According to their recent annual report (2014), Ruby Tuesday was facing the possible risks of unsuccessful brand transformation and marketing efforts that could adversely impact financial outcomes. Their marketing strategies have made slight alterations over the last several quarters. Furthermore, they’ve expanded what they have to offer and how they offer it. Promotion Budget In the past, Ruby Tuesday focused solely on print promotions, digital media, and local marketing programs, spending minimal amounts on television advertisements. However, in more recent quarters, the company decided to try promoting through television and direct mailing more by reshaping how consumers viewed the Ruby Tuesday brand. Currently, network and national…show more content…
The Fiscal Year ending on June 4th, 2013 concluded that nearly $24.2 million had been spent on advertising just that year. These costs dropped almost $20 million after reducing the amount of television and direct mail advertising. This resulted with the Fiscal Year ending on June 3rd, 2014 having expenditures of only $4.3 million spent on advertising. Ruby Tuesday restaurants under the franchisee agreement understand that 1.5% of their gross sales every month are put towards covering their pro rata portion of the company’s national advertising campaign through their national advertising fund. And additional fee of up to 1.5% of monthly gross sales is for marketing and…show more content…
More specifically, competitive advertising is used directly with prices and timetables on deals such as the American Rib Festival available for only a short time ( In contrast, the Free Birthday Burger ad shown only on the website and the 15 meals for under $10 deal both express the indirect type of competitive advertising, since the information from these can be useful in the future. The other ads previously described are forms of informative and descriptive ads that can help raise interest or can be perceived as direct-action retail ads, point-of-purchase ads, or price deal offers which all can impact the decision to choose Ruby Tuesday instead of other

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