Why We Should Chipotle Conduct Market Research

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Although Chipotle has experienced various challenges, I believe that this company has experienced great success throughout its existence. Some suggestions I will make for the increased development and awareness of the Chipotle brand is as follows: 1. Employ staff such as attorneys and lobbyists that would encourage the Congress in support of banning the numerous chemicals used to genetically enhance animals raised on commercial farms. Furthermore, distribute informative brochures that can be placed in the bag of food purchased by customers that detail various benefits of consuming naturally-raised produce. The advantage of this is to incorporate consumer awareness about the food that they eat at Chipotle, so that they feel safe purchasing and consuming the food they eat. A disadvantage to this, is that it can stir outrage among suppliers/farmers who use chemicals to raise animals and produce raw foods. 2. In order for Chipotle to maintain and form new relationships with food suppliers, they should devise an incentive program for suppliers who follow the standards of raising natural…show more content…
Chipotle has ventured into international markets such as Europe, Canada, etc. Before venturing into these markets, Chipotle should conduct market research to know the different taste and preferences of consumers and alter their menu to suite. As Chipotle expands, they should employ creative and qualified candidates living overseas that is fit to manage foreign business and also working alongside the Chipotle headquarters in America. They can also conduct market research to come up with feasible strategies to advertise and promote Chipotle in any other new markets they decide to venture. The advantage of this is that Chipotle will be able to analyze international markets food preferences so that they can alter menus. One disadvantage is that this strategy may introduce challenges since Chipotle would have difficulty devising menus to accommodate international consumer

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