Durkheim Economic Theory

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Question 1 Marx, Durkheim and Weber agree that the economy is an important part of social organisation. 1.1 How do they differ in regard to the role that the economy plays in relation to society? According to Marx the society is considered as a result of an economic base and a social superstructure. He went further to say that “the economic base determines all other social structures including religion and politics” (Scott, J. 2006). The economic base include the division of labour, division that harbours conflict of interest between the individual interests and it is regarded that the state is the result of the conflict between government and the interest of the individuals. The division of labour is thus selected according to the skills…show more content…
He then introduced anomies which are unclear or rather confused social norms in the society which is the suicide that occurs in the society which are altruistic and fatalistic suicide (Bancroft and Rogers. 2010). Durkheim reflected religion to be the important factor on the economy as well as law, morality, art, and political forms. Thus the factors such as morality impact heavily on the economy because if the state lacks morality it leads to the corruption of funds and unstable economy thus law cannot be enforced because of the power that the wealthy class have. Durkheim also argued that anomy could result from a sudden disturbance, crisis or rapid change of social and economic forces. In these conditions society becomes unable to exercise adaptable influence on expectations and behaviour (Scott, J. 2006). Durkheim held that the economic theorist did not speak on what ought to be whether it is better for the state to intervene in industrial and commercial relations or abandon them entirely to private…show more content…
It is also important for the management to engage or interact with the new employees to hear their feelings and problem towards the organisation. The management can initiate the following in the organisation: • The management/employer must to organise orientation program at the beginning of the newcomers. • The programme must be ideally designed to reduce stress of entry by offering employees with coping strategies. . • It is always advisable that the new employee is given a mentor that will help him/her on everything and that will be able to engage and share the feelings on how is the new employee adapting • The employee that are working in the organisation should make the organisation environment more friendly and easy to adapt so that the newcomer can be able to adapt quickly to the environment. • The employer should assess the work of the new employee so that he/she can be able to guide the new employee and even compliment him/her on his/her job. • The employees must work more with employers in integrating into the workgroup, and assimilating into the

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