Difference Between Traditional And Traditional Marketing

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Digital vs traditional marketing: Which is the better option? What is the difference between digital and traditional marketing? Well, in simple terms digital marketing focuses on the Internet while traditional marketing relies on conventional media such as television, print, direct mail, and radio to convey marketing messages to the public. Both strategies share the same goal of attracting customers and building more brand awareness in the market. The debate about which is the better option between the two types of marketing continues to dominate many marketing circles around the world. In Singapore, just like everywhere else in the world, digital marketing seems to be surpassing traditional marketing at a very fast pace. The Singapore Post…show more content…
Any form of advertisement that does not employ digital methods is referred to as traditional marketing. The key benefit traditional marketing provides is the ease of reaching a wider base of your local audience. A single radio ad is heard by thousands of people in your city or region. Flyers can spread rapidly within a neighborhood and spread the word about your brand or product. Tangible marketing materials such as brochures and newspapers can be read over and over again to drive the point home. Most consumers are familiar with traditional marketing methods and can understand your message more easily on newspaper or TV than in a website. However, traditional marketing provides little or no interaction with the audience. You hardly get feedback from your audience. Radio, TV, and print ads are also very costly. You also can never tell how successful your marketing was as there is no accurate way of measuring the effectiveness of traditional marketing. Digital…show more content…
Here are just a few advantages you get from a digital marketing strategy: • Targets both local and international markets. While traditional marketing is limited to a local audience, digital marketing has an unlimited reach. You can even tailor your campaigns to target specific audiences based on demographics such as gender, age, location, interests, and much more. This is one thing you won’t find in traditional marketing. • It gives the audience choice of content. Traditional marketing does not provide much in terms of choice of content. Digital marketing on the other provides the audience with a wide choice of content from videos, blog posts, podcasts, and much more. • Digital is more accessible than traditional content. Smart phones have revolutionized the way people receive and consume information. A majority of people are on social media with great access to digital content. • Digital marketing is measurable. When you adopt digital marketing methods you can measure almost everything from the amount of traffic you receive, level of engagement you have with your audience, and the number of conversions you get in each

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