World Is Flat

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A Critical Paper for the book “The World is flat” by Thomas L. Friedman Requirement for the subject POLSC008 (Introduction to International Relation) Submitted by: Frances Pauline L. Tomas (BAPS-2) Submitted to: Mr. Stephen Jae Fontanilla As time goes by, people learn many things about the world, how to interact with other people, how states achieve inter-connectedness and interdependence to other states, and how the world, they and ways of interaction get develop. And so as the people get informed about these things their distances get shorter and the flows of information are becomes faster through the technologies and networks that are associated with globalization. So, globalization arose and it is defined by Held & Mcgrew as a process or set of processes which embodies a…show more content…
Because of the technologies that are associated to globalization people can interact and share goods, services and information to the other people around the world in just a short time. For example, your mother is an OFW in Saudi Arabia and you want her to know that your allowance was already not enough so you message her through Facebook and in just a blink of an eye she already receive your message and do something about it. Another example, for interdependence is when US withdraw their support to the Philippines then the latter country will be affected and the power of the Philippines will be lessen because the support of the Americans means power and influence. For inter-connectedness, one example of it is when a country withdraw their support to other country the latter will not be affected. One of the reasons why globalization is inevitable is people want it. They want it to exist and to experience. People want to shorten their waiting, burdens, and especially their work. They want gather learning’s easily, to seek help and opportunities and they want to enjoy life. But another question is; is globalization
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