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Nowadays, technologies became the most important thing in our life. For example, the normal wristwatch improved to something call "smart watch”. The smartwatch is a wearable device, and it is the new version of the normal wristwatch. Because it has more functions than the normal watch has, and it can act like the smartphones in some features. Day after day smart watches become very important in many majors. The wristwatch is a device that we use it to know the time, and some of them can display the date. These normal wristwatches have been improved. In 1979, people thought that digital watch is an elegant idea. Through the history, people tried to gather different technologies in one device that they can wear it on their wrists, such as the…show more content…
So the smart watches are one of these technologies that may be will have a bright future in several years depends on the additional functions that will include. For example, I think that the smart watches will develop to be used independent without the need to connects to the smartphones. So it will become as similar as any smartphone but the only different is that the smartwatch you can wear it on your wrist, and it will be more easily to use than the smartphone. Moreover, I think that they will create a 3D smartwatch, that will be more fun, and it will let the user share a video or a photo with others in a wide range of area. According to Trevor “Last few months, the US space agency Nasa asked the public to develop a smartwatch interface for its astronauts to use on the International Space Station” (Tan, 2015).I think this is will be a new function for the smart watches. However, I think that the smart watches will be a fad, or smart watches will not have a future. There are some disadvantages of the smart watches because of them people will not buy it. First, the smart watches have a small screen, so some people don’t like the small screen. Also, in future if the smart watches become exactly like the smartphone, some people will not buy it because they do not like to carry with them several devices that have the same

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