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While the fears of overpopulation, pollution and exploitation of resources have been arising in the world, the concept of sustainable development reflects the view that land is a resource that must be preserved for future generation. There has been an increasing demand on land and its resources for shelter, food, better living conditions and an improved market economy. Land is the basic source of material wealth and a commodity that is always affected by the forces of demand and supply so it has a crucial importance and requires effective administration and management to support sustainable development [1]. Land administration systems are concerned with social, legal, economic and technical framework within which land managers and administrations…show more content…
Land use is the control of land-use through adoption of planning policies and land-use regulations at national, regional/federal, and local levels; the enforcement of land-use regulations; and the management and adjudication of land-use conflicts. Land development is the building of new infrastructure; the implementation of construction planning; and the change of land-use through planning permission and granting of permits [3-7]. Land policy is above land administration and land management, and is the highest level in a land hierarchy, and also a part of the national policy. It is concerned with the definition of the rule of law and the use and ownership of land i.e. objectives and the land business. It consists of socio-economic and legal prescriptions that dictate how the land and the benefits from the land are to be allocated by relating to economic development, equity and social justice, environmental preservation and sustainable land use…show more content…
Furthermore, the real property acquisition for the public benefit is dependent on the land administration system [9]. Turkey has a land registry and cadastral system [12-13]. Real property is a spatially defined unit of Earth’s surface (land unit-parcel) with all permanent things attached to it. All other things are defined as movables. The basic right on land parcel is the ownership and means the right to possess, use, enjoy and fully dispose of it. The ownership can be restricted by public interests. The real property rights and restrictions are defined by the legal system, so that their economic, social and ecological roles are supported. Acquisition of property rights by transactions and by inheritance are the most common cases. The provision of public authority is the case when the transfer of property rights is caused by a public acquisition based on the agreement or a compulsory purchase. It can be executed only in accordance with the legislation with a fair compensation or by an appropriate exchange of comparable real properties. The Turkish legal system for the expropriation, 1982 Constitution and The Expropriation Law No.2942, prescribes the acquisition of real property for the public

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