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Souvenir from Farmer’s Exchange in Philippines In that afternoon, I picked up two farmers from Caritas Diocese Ruteng that will follow a field study in Philippines. This activity is a part of Climate Resilient Eco-friendly Agriculture Mainstreaming (CREAM), Caritas Asia’s program that involves KARINA, Caritas Philippines-NASSA, and Caritas Cambodia. The farmers from Ruteng are Mister Hubertus Kaha from Ngancar, War Renca Village, West Cibal District, Manggarai Regency and Mrs. Fransiska Ceda from Popo Village, West Satar Mese District, Manggarai Regency. Travel abroad was a first time experience for Mrs. Siska, before it, she only goes outside the village until Labuan Bajo. The long journey from home to Jakarta then continued to Philippines sure is exhausting. Meanwhile, Mister Hubert could still relax a bit because he used to work as a migrant worker in neighboring country. In this journey, they were accompanied by Father Martinus Chen, Pr (Ruteng Caritas Diocese Director) and me as the representative from Caritas Indonesia (KARINA). In the afternoon before departure, we do the preparation in KARINA office. Briefing for farmers includes material activities aspect and also the logistic aspect. On Wednesday, August 24th, at 05.00AM, we flew to Ninoy Aquino International Airpot. After landing and resting for a few hours, we flew…show more content…
In the plantation the participants could see some interesting things like: the proliferation of “African Night Crawler” worm that is maintained and breeds as a fertilizer; pig farm with clean and unsmelly cage; crusher machine for trash, plants, woods, glass, and stone that are made from the factory that May’s Organic Garden have; water powered pump (ram pump) that could raise water until 100meter height; fertilizer cultivation and organic pesticide from many kinds of fruits and plants; and processing from organic farming in the shape of comestibles like: cake, sugar, syrup, and coffee, also other shapes like soap and insect repellant

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