Schizophrenia Literature Review

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Introduction In this literature review will discuss about the cognitive behavioral therapy on schizophrenia. According to the article of Walker et al (2004), stated that schizophrenia is appear to be challenging in scientific explanation because it is a complex disorder by observable behavior. Moreover, researcher also stated that in all patients with schizophrenia there still not yet able to identify the factor of characterizes and solution by the other researcher (Walker Et. Al. 2004). This literature review helps to overview and the theory of cognitive behavioral therapy for schizophrenia disorder outcomes. First, we begin with a brief history of schizophrenia and treatment. According to Walker et al (2004) schizophrenia started to appear…show more content…
Cognitive behavioral therapy had brought desirable result to some severe mental disorder such as bipolar disorder, substance abuse, obsessive-compulsive disorder and especially schizophrenia. In this article, Rector (2005) there is six steps to the treatment approach of schizophrenia. Cognitive behavioral therapy has efficacy and effectiveness on schizophrenia on exist in scientific. The cognitive behavioral therapy positive finding on schizophrenia had become a guideline in the prominent expert treatment. In UK has already used cognitive behavioral therapy as a mandated treatment to all schizophrenia patients as diagnosis (Rector,…show more content…
This made the interest of using cognitive behavioral therapy has been widely increased in United Kingdom for the patient that continuously experience with the problem. Moreover, cognitive behavioral therapy effectively shorter the period of the patient who taking long term medication and also disable the side effect of the medication,. The researcher show cognitive behavioral focus unlike other intervention because it focuses on the schizophrenia patient central experience and understand them. The researcher show the cognitive behavioral therapy principal aim is to reduce schizophrenia patient stress with resistance to medication and interference. The content of the cognitive behavioral therapist will work with the patient to identify and review their thought, belief and encourage them with their behavior and motivation in daily life (Garety, Fowler & Kuipers,

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