Importance Of Health Insurance In India

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HEALTH INSURANCE: NEED OF THE HOUR Prashant R. Kamble Faculty Bharatesh College of Business Administration Abstract The pillar of the success of any country is Health of the prople. “Health is Wealth” we say but are we going on the right tract, do we have the mechanism to control or bear the uncertainties. This paper focuses more on aspect of the health scenario in India. The gigantic problems faced by a common man with regards to health infrastructure, availability of doctors, complexity of insurance policies and its accessibility. There is improvement in the structure but not to the extent which it has to be. The data of this study is primary as well as secondary data. Keywords: Insurance, Infrastructure, Doctors, Policies Introduction The term Health Insurance is commonly used to describe an insurance that pays for medical expenses. Someone rightly said it, “Health is Wealth”. The true wealth is health because if we lose good health, no money can give us pleasure. Most of the things in life can be bought by money except good health that is something to be taken care of very cautiously…show more content…
With the growing amount of tension stress in a fast paced world risks towards health have increased like never before. Today the life expectancy rate has come to almost 50 for an average individual living in India. Some of the risks can bring into serious hospitalization there by increasing the financial burden of an individual and the family. Today medical care costs have touched skyrocket prices for e.g. MRI test: 5000, CT scan: 3000; Cardio 16 Slice: 6000 etc. Moreover consultation charges, surgeon fees

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