A Walk To Remember Character Analysis

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Fate can lead you to some of the greatest moments of your life that you would hope would always turn out for the best. In the novel, A Walk to Remember, written by Nicholas Sparks tells how Jamie and Landon begin their journey of love with a major obstacle they need to overcome. Throughout the novel Sparks, creates the feeling of love that also comes from the town in which the two characters live in. With help at times from each other and the citizens, love isn’t the toughest battle in their life yet to come. The fate of Jamie and Landon will be affected when the setting of the little town of Beaufort, North Carolina leads them together. In the beginning, the small town setting affects the mood of the characters Jamie and Landon and gives…show more content…
The curios people aren’t very fond of their relationship, making them question what they see. Having Jaime around Landon, close friends of Landon began to tease him because of Jamie; “Eric offered to double-date with me, but I turned him down because I didn’t want to take any chances with Eric teasing Jamie or anything like that. He was a good guy, but he could be kind of heartless sometimes….”(Sparks 88). Because Eric was a straightforward friend who would alway be open to telling Landon and Jamie how he feels about them. With Beaufort High School was putting on their annual homecoming dance Landon was awaiting to pick up Jamie at her, door. When it was time for the dance to start Jamie's dad started to question Landon. “He sort of stared at me for a long time, as if thinking about it. “Why did you ask my daughter to the dance?” he finally said……..This went on for a few more minutes— his grilling me about my true intentions.” (Sparks 93). Here, as time drew near to dancing the fate of Landons chances with Jamie would be the start of them together. This is a correlation to the Reverend who was a major impact on the relationship between his daughter and

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