Discourse Community: Joining The Medical Community

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A discourse community is intertwined by a common interest, an interest that can vary from an acute participation to leading figures in a field. Although, the level of contribution and involvement by active members of a discourse community may differ, participants of a discourse community all need to have knowledge of the matter, which the discourse observes. Thus, the aim and goals of a community must be the same or closely similar. On that note, I plan to join the medical discourse community. Based on my previous knowledge of the medical community, it has an array of publications, an adequate use of code words to communicate, and straightforward goals. To that, I know communication in the medical community is superb because in an emergency…show more content…
Doctor Alhusein, who believes the medical community’s goals are to improve the health of individuals and giving patients the best medical device possible to cure or to aid in condition, further exemplifies this ideal. This belief is rooted deep in medical practices for centuries and an ideal, which is standard to any health professional. These goals are accomplished by transmitting information between one healthcare professional to another; hence, without a medium to communicate then a medical discourse community would not be able to exist nor provide quality care to patients. One way medical professionals communicate is by staff meetings. These staff meetings are utilized as a mechanism to limit error in communication and gives staff members an opportunity to voice their input on important issues and how to solve problems more practically. These staff meetings, according to Doctor Nazem Alhusein, is what allowed him to reduce patient wait time and limit employee confusion; hence, a thriving…show more content…
What is surprising is Alzheimer’s disease currently does not have a cure; however, scientists are edging ever closer to a treatment for this disease. This is a major concern for doctors and scientist since this disease affects more than 3 million Americans. Another contemporary issue is the swine flu which is a respiratory disease caused by an influenza virus that was present in the gastrointestinal tracts of pigs. This disease is transmitted airborne, meaning it is transmitted through air such as coughing and sneezing. The 2009 swine flu outbreak was due to an infection with the H1N1 virus, which resulted in thousands of death. It was until the medical community from all around world united to help create a vaccine for this virus; thus, saving the lives of millions. Key terms in the medical community are blood pressure (BP), hemoglobin and hematocrit (H&H), headache (HA), in vivo (body), and shortness of breath (SOB). These terms are usually the basic vernacular of the medical community. One of my questions regarding the contemporary issues is will the Alzheimer’s disease make significant progress in their clinical studies? In addition, can patients with Alzheimer’s disease truly be cured even after being rendered to the effects of this

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