Culturally Responsive Instruction

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Culturally responsive instruction is when a teacher teaches in a way to incorporate relatable aspects of student’s daily lives into the curriculum. This means a teacher may use poplar slang or use prior knowledge, and interest’s things such as music or sports. This can help the students feel comfortable with the teacher and they may be more receptive to learning in that teacher’s class (Rajagopal, 2015). Some may feel this method is based on a particular culture method such as the “black way” or “Hispanic way”. Just because the students are of a different race or ethnic background does not mean they need to be taught a different way. For example, rap music isn’t just a black thing, but all kids of all nationalities listen to rap music so involving rap music in the curriculum might be very useful (Rajagopal, 2015). Another example, sports can be used to teach boys and girls. A recent basketball game to teach math or science, there no need to change up the forum because there are girls in the classroom, girls enjoy sports as…show more content…
Mrs. Todd uses shapes to teach the class basic math concepts. She also involves her students by letting them call out the correct answers and also letting some of her students assist her with the shapes. She also uses eating dinner, watching T.V, and eating snacks to help teach the student’s time. Both concepts are culturally responsive instruction each student in there understand and recognizes their shapes by using the shapes it help each student understand three-dimensional and two-dimensional shapes. Also she uses the shapes to explain the faces, edges, vertices, and how each is created. By using things that most students do on a daily basis to teach time is a perfect example of culturally responsive instruction. All kids eat dinner, watch T.V, and eat snack, this is something they can relate to and fully understand (CCRPedagogy,

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