Queer Analysis Of Pink Triangle By Weezer

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Eddie Helton Queer Analysis of Pink Triangle by Weezer Weezer is an alternative rock band from Los Angeles, California. They formed in 1992 and released their first studio album “The Blue Album” in 1994 under Geffen Records. Just two years later, Weezer released their second studio album titled, “Pinkerton” which featured the song “Pink Triangle”. To my surprise, there was actually no controversy over this song whatsoever, even just based on the title. Out of context, this song is a queer analysts nightmare, I did however stumble across an interview from NPR with Rivers Cuomo, the lead singer of Weezer. I’m not going to lie, before I found this resource, I thought this text was homophobic, but I’m glad I found the resource because it put the song into some context and now I know it’s not homophobic, however the language that Cuomo uses can still be considered heteronormative. In the interview, Cuomo talks about the song and how it came to be. It turns out that while he was studying at Harvard University, Rivers had met a girl and was very interested in her and he believed that this was a girl that he could definitely settle down and have a life with. One day the girl wore a pink triangle button on her backpack and Cuomo just assumed that she was a homosexual and ended up writing this song about it. It turns out, years later, Cuomo finds out that this girl is not actually a…show more content…
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