Borderline Personality Disorder Research Paper

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In this paper I will describe the similarities and differences between antisocial and borderline personality disorders, what forensic mental health implications are mostly used for these disorders, and also why substance abuse usually occur with these disorders . Both of these disorders are grouped in cluster B in the DSM-5 chart. Meaning they both share problems with impulsive control and emotional regulation. Personality disorders come in many different forms, antisocial disorder seems to be more related to criminal behavior and often times are referred to as sociopathic behavior. Those with this disorder often engage in deceit, theft, and other violations of standard rules of conduct. Sufferers from antisocial personality disorder lack empathy and seem to be more self-consumed. They seem to look down on others and think of themselves as perfect beings. The aggressive feature of this personality disorder…show more content…
People with this disorder tend to experience intense and unstable emotions and moods. They tend to be very hard to calm down once they are revved up. As a result, they frequently have anger outburst and engage in impulsive and destructive behaviors ( Borderline disorder patients tend to see the world from their eyes only, in an all or nothing approach. This is usually coined as seeing the world in either black or white with no shades of grey which in return causes them to easily misinterpret actions and intentions of others. While these personality disorders are very different from one another, they still share some common similarities. As with all personality disorders, someone has to be 18 years old to be diagnosed with both disorder, and their causes are both environmentally influenced. People who suffer from one of these mental illnesses also regularly exhibit impulsive behavior and tend to be shallow in nature

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