Why Did The Montgomery Bus Boycotts Changed America?

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During the time that Bus Boycotts were occurring, African Americans were not being treated as equal as whites. One event in history that paved the way for years ahead and changed America for the better was the Montgomery Bus Boycott. When African Americans became tired of being treated how they were they decided to refuse to ride city buses in Montgomery Alabama. This is how the Montgomery Bus Boycott came to be in order to protest segregated seating (Montgomery, History.com). The Bus Boycotts story seems very simple, but just like every other story there is a bigger issue behind it. Many people believe that the Montgomery Bus Boycott all started with Rosa Parks arrest but in actuality that is not case. For example on March 2nd 1955 Claudette…show more content…
The Montgomery Improvement Association coordinated the boycott and was made up of black community members and ministers. One of the leaders of the boycott was Martin Luther King Jr who was the pastor of Montgomery’s Dexter Avenue Baptist Church at the time. Who was then elected to be the president of the Boycott at 26 years old. To ensure the progression of the boycott, the black leaders organized carpools as well as having the African American taxi drivers charge 10 cents which was the same price as the bus fare for African Americans. In the beginning, the black leaders did not initially demand the boycott to change the segregation laws but rather they demanded courtesy, the hiring of black bus drivers, and a first come first seated policy (Montgomery, History.com). Martin Luther King Jr was arrested by the Alabama Statute that said people couldn't boycott. When he was arrested, he was fined 500 dollars in Circuit Court by judge Eugene Carter (Advertiser, Montgomeryboycott.com). After his arrest it brought national attention to the Montgomery boycott. Once the news of the Boycott was being spread through Montgomery Alabama, the black priests informed the church members of the boycott in church on Sunday. The Boycott information spread to the Montgomery Advertiser, a general-interest newspaper, and was published on the front page. There was about 35,000 flyers that were handed out about the boycott. There was approximately 40,000 African Americans which was the majority of the black bus riders boycotting the next day. Martin Luther King Jr said in one of his speeches that "If we are wrong, the Constitution of the United States is wrong.”(Montgomery,

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